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Discipline measures

GREYBLOCKER24 servers and networks linked to GREYBLOCKER24 servers are absolutely prohibited from being harmed by using Greyblocker24 in an unapproved manner. Because of your use of the Greyblocker24, no one else should see any difference in how they use it.

Traveling to and from the Location

Screens with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or higher are recommended for viewing the site. To use the GREYBLOCKER24 Mobile Apps, you’ll need an Android or iOS device. The Greyblocker24 can be accessed in other methods; however, you should be aware that it may display erroneously if you do so, and you are solely liable for the consequences of doing so.
Not authorised or provided by GREYBLOCKER24 is a feature that provides high-speed, automated or recurring access.
Password- or username- and password-protected sections are available on Greyblocker24. GREYBLOCK24 restricts access to protected material and information, such as those elements of the service not available to the general public.
Internet access, a working email account, app download and update capabilities, and the ability to save data on a printer or other device are all up to GREYBLOCKER24 to designate as the minimal prerequisites for receiving electronic deliveries.

Safeguarding and Notifying Passwords to the Users

Passwords and other security credentials belonging to Greyblocker24 users must be kept safe and secure at all times. If you use your password to access the internet or make in-app purchases, you are solely liable for any and all behaviour that occurs as a consequence of your password and other security data. GREYBLOCKER24 is under no responsibility to verify the authority or suitability of instructions supplied to GREYBLOCKER24 by you or via your password since GREYBLOCKER24 executes such instructions.
As a result, you must take precautions to keep your password secure. If you’ve been given permission to see GREYBLOCKER24.com’s financial records, you’ll need to keep an eye on your account activity and respond promptly to any correspondence, account statements, or confirmations you receive from the company. You are responsible for monitoring your own account as an authorised user. Any unauthorised use, disclosure, loss, or theft of your password must be reported to GREYBLOCKER24 immediately. Using GREYBLOCKER24 and agreeing to remedial steps to safeguard your account from fraudulent activity constitutes your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Planned Visitations

Unfortunately, bugs will inevitably find their way into our systems. In order to do normal maintenance, we may have to shut down access to a portion or the entire website. We’ll do our best to keep maintenance to the early morning hours wherever feasible.
Despite our best efforts, the Greyblocker24 may not be available around the clock, seven days a week, unless there are scheduled maintenance times (which are almost always on weekends). Your computer, our computers, or any of the systems to which we are linked may be unavailable in the case of an unforeseen system failure. Problems can arise with the equipment we connect to, both yours and mine.
We see lines forming when a large number of people want to buy or sell at the same moment on our nation’s stock exchanges. For any losses or liabilities originating from excessive trading volume or market volatility, our obligation is limited to the amount of money you lose.

An emphasis on the security and reliability of computer networks

Unauthorized or accidental third parties may gain access to your personal information when you share it over the Internet. GREYBLOCKER24’s email alerts do not contain any personal or private information. If you transmit your account information in an unencrypted email, anybody who gets it might have access to your information. There are several reasons why emails might be misplaced in cyberspace. The GREYBLOCKER24 website should be your primary source of information. Your acceptance of this policy is based on your decision to download and store or print electronic messages received from us.

There are constraints in place to ensure that as much information as possible may be gleaned.

Because of the possibility of error and incompleteness, you should not base any investment or other decisions on information provided on or posted to the website. The past performance of a stock, like stock prices, does not tell us anything about its future performance. Share prices utilised for individual position valuation and other performance information may not be current or reflect specific activities like corporate actions, fees and commissions if they are obtained from third-party data providers. GREYBLOCKER24 cannot guarantee the truth or completeness of any content it receives and publishes from outside sources. A security’s price or performance can be made inaccessible at any moment by GREYBLOCKER24 if it is considered to be erroneous.
As a favour to its visitors, GREYBLOCKER24 provides links to other websites as a means of introducing them to further sources of information about investing. Aside from the rules and restrictions of the third-party websites that you visit, this website serves no purpose other than to facilitate your use of it. Third-party websites are not endorsed or warranted by GREYBLOCKER24, including, but not limited to, accuracy, completeness, reliability, suitability or non-infringement; nor does GREYBLOCKER24 make any endorsements or warranties about the information, products, or services provided by any third-party websites. Internet-based material does not need to be verified by GREYBLOCKER24.


Although Greyblocker24 was aware of the potential for such damages, it will not be held liable for any of them, no matter how obvious they seemed at the time of their occurrence. Even though greyblocker24 has been warned of the potential for harm or loss, it has occurred in this case.
Greyblocker24 will not be held liable if you or anyone else suffers financial loss as a result of an event over which it has no direct control. Additionally, this includes the breakdown of electrical or mechanical equipment or communications connections, as well as the unauthorised access of viruses and other malicious software, theft, operator mistakes and severe or unexpected weather (including floods, earthquakes or other acts of god) (including telephone, cable and internet).
These limits and exclusions may not apply to you if you reside in a state that prohibits the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages.