Steel Fetters by Tina Fernandez

Miss Afia Rana is a gorgeous young lady who has landed her desire position. She’s an airline stewardess traveling for India’s Southern Airways. She will make repeated journeys to Bombay, Mumbai, and the well known Juhu Beach place surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Unique and intimate, Afia also draws in the male of her goals and he’s the head of a Steel empire. His organization will take him throughout the middle east as a frequent flyer. Afia is traveling substantial and loving her lifetime, until eventually her little one comes and the a long time slowly and gradually change to Steel Fetters as she worries the “phony morality of the 1980’s.” Her unlimited really like for her youngster offers her the energy to rise once again and once again against a tough backdrop and an unfair condition that existence has handed her.

The creator, Tina Fernandez, does a superior career with this private encounter story. It describes the plight of many women of all ages in the course of this era. When just about every state experienced its very own way of chastisement for these courageous solitary mothers there is small surprise why abortion turned so well-liked. There were being no quick options and no easy responses for the ladies who confronted the dilemma, specially in India.

In advance of the child, Afia’s father held a distinct aspiration for her. It adopted traditional. He required to opt for a husband for his daughter. She would retire from traveling, grow to be a loving spouse and raise a family members. This is the way it was finished in India, except Afia hated this dream and wanted no part of it. The predicament threatened to tear the household aside. Afia’s mom would also have possibilities to make and they would not be effortless.

Tina Fernandez is a prosperous writer and enterprise woman who retains the cause of solitary motherhood near to her coronary heart. She champions associations that aid these brave mothers as they pick existence for their youngsters. She is familiar with what a substantial selling price they are paying out in a culture that has wrong values and, “phony morality,” when it will come to unwed moms. Her e book will converse to gals of all ages, especially single moms. It may well also speak to the little ones of these one mothers the youngsters who recognize the sacrifices their moms built to maintain them secure. On a deep level, Steel Fetters is a tale about society and moral norms that do not provide humanity and how a person girl challenged them. She broke by what seemed like steel to develop a secure and pleased household daily life for herself and her beloved son.

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