Raymond McNair Rejects God’s Authorities

I preface my opinions by supplying credit exactly where credit history is thanks, showing a great appreciate and appreciation for Raymond F. McNair remaining blessed to serve as just one of the pioneers in the Around the world Church of God and to have these an energetic and significant job in the holy Operate of fulfilling the Fantastic Fee less than God’s apostle Herbert W. Armstrong, serving thousands of brethren over the a long time. I want this on history because he is an elder and deserving of biblical respect, while I respectfully and strongly disagree with him on the sacred calendar, as a brother in the Lord.

I am really happy to see Raymond McNair accept the Jews have a God-presented authority to involve postponements in the sacred calendar. Some Church of God associates reject this simple real truth and go off the deep close, making their possess calendars in the confusion of a spiritual anarchy, a Laodicean all people-decide-for-himself erroneous mind-set.

I am grieved to see Raymond McNair think it truly is the Sadducees God’s Church should submit to on these matters, somewhat than the Pharisees whom Christ clearly supported on these biblical challenges of the sacred calendar.

Rates from Raymond F. McNair’s short article, “WHAT ARE THE “POSTPONEMENTS”? —

Modern day Jews you should not notice Pentecost (Shavout) on a Sunday. Alternatively they observe it on Sivan 6. Even so the early New Testament Church of God (like the Sadducees) followed the biblical command to observe Pentecost by counting 50 times from the Sunday (the “morrow right after the Sabbath”) that takes place throughout the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This signifies that when Pentecost is counted correctly, it normally falls on a Sunday-as a result making tandem Sabbaths.

In addition, no biblical or historic sources show that Christ and His apostles experienced any calendar disputes with the Jews (the Sadducees ended up then in management of the calendar and the Temple ritual right up until a limited time right before the tumble of Jerusalem in 70 A.D!) about the calendar that they have been utilizing in New Testomony periods.

What a crying disgrace that Raymond McNair refuses to post to the govt of God and hear the Voice of the Shepherd who clearly stated THE PHARISEES SIT IN MOSES’ SEAT – not the blind Sadducees that some Church associates go on to blindly abide by. God has restored this fact to His Church, and some have repented of their vain Church traditions, deciding on to get again on observe like the early Church that adopted the proper calculations of the Pharisees, like the Apostle Paul.

For Zion’s sake,

David Ben-Ariel

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