Age Quod Agis

“He who is fake to existing responsibility breaks a thread in the loom, and will uncover the flaw when he may perhaps have forgotten its lead to.” – Henry Ward Beecher

I try to remember a Latin phrase we ended up taught in elementary school: Age quod agis. In essence, the phrase usually means “do what you do and do it with all of you.” When we do what we do with our complete self, it means functioning from our heart, our main i.e, our coronary heart and our soul (not only from the neck up).

When we operate from our coronary heart and soul, we’re not chatting about some airy-fairy, new-age, “tender”, religious, theological or subversive strategy to work. We are, however, conversing about a deeper technique to operate.

This further solution to do the job focuses on excellence, ethics and fairness. This deeper approach to do the job asks issues – some very difficult questions – these types of as:

How can small business advertise sustainability and the surroundings?
What is a reasonable and just wage, payment bundle, or bonus?
When are outsourcing, downsizing, and layoff attempts justified?
How does business encourage the spouse and children?
How can I uncover my real contacting?
Is there an “enlightened” economics?
How can we restore rely on in the place of work?
Can our workplaces be much more ethical and humane?
Does operate have to be boring, boring, regimen and meaningless?
Can the “anti-Dilbert” exist in the office?
Is the separation of spirituality and the boardroom a “provided?”
Can folks do the “correct detail” devoid of “administration handle”?
Why do so quite a few, when they attain the major of the ladder, find it resting against the mistaken developing?
How do we answer to unethical perform?
How do we make dollars and this means?
How do we resist the “bribe and kickback” way of accomplishing enterprise?
How do we stay away from gossip and bullying and reveal humility and regard?
What will I do with the rest of my lifestyle after retirement?

Warren Buffet reported, “I’ve noticed a lot of not-incredibly-very good human beings do well in enterprise I would like it were being or else.” Now, there are possible numerous Warren Buffet-sort-thinkers amongst us who would agree. Furthermore, with the downturn in the economic climate, numerous folks are finding not only are they undertaking just great with less, and currently being happier, but now ponder why they essential additional in the initially place.

Age quod agis is about integrating spirituality with business – an integration lots of are finding is long overdue offered the throes of the financial and economical crises we are at this time dealing with. You can find no question people are getting to be a lot more introspective about who they are and how they are at function supplied the cataclysmic storm of the unethical, immoral, and unlawful shenanigans we go through and listen to about daily.

Supplied the unhealthy, disappointed, anxiety-centered, and worrisome office environments quite a few individuals find them selves in, the creative energy that flows from the coronary heart and soul could possibly just be a person catalyst that can rework present-day place of work into a much healthier, far more participating, additional moral place to invest the greater part of their waking several hours.

What we do with our “full” self

“To be you in a world that is consistently attempting to make you anything else is the finest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Research and self-studies show a lot more and extra personnel are trying to get relaxed and nicely-be-ing in the midst of the storm by “going within” and reevaluating their values and motivations and identifying that when they appear to work (and existence) from a deeper, non-egoic place, they encounter a larger feeling of which means, fulfillment, and effectively be-ing than what they previously professional when driven by moi-based desires and would like, driven by greed and pace. Quite a few are obtaining that religious and humanistic property are getting to be bigger wishes than wealth and substance acquire and serve as higher psycho-emotional supports than sustaining an “picture” or “persona”.

Coming to perform with our total self means focusing on “who you seriously are”, your becoming and your character in just your team, your team, your group and in your civic and social neighborhood.

Coming to get the job done with our whole self suggests consciously and proactively dealing with the “tension” involving spirituality and religious values, and operate.

Coming to operate with our full self suggests picking out to get the time to glance up from our spreadsheets to consciously concentrate on folks and values, to speak out for what’s proper, and by generating an energy to act with compassion.

Particular discontent

In present day workplace, regular levels of competition, panic, vigilance, gossip, bullying and stress are top to personal unhappiness, dissatisfaction and dis-ease – not a pretty successful way to dwell life at get the job done. Coming to work with one’s total self fosters tranquil and presents a perspective that provides one particular an edge which is a legitimate resource in beating angst, agitation, anxiety and aggression. Coming to work with a coronary heart-soul-intellect-pushed concentration offers mental, emotional, actual physical and psychological stability and harmony – a balance that supports a place of work characterized by “we” as a substitute of “I” vs. “you”, and engenders a sturdy ethic of personalized duty for, and self-administration of, “who I am” and “how I am” at work.


Coming to operate with one’s entire self fosters a religious apply recognised as “discernment” – a way of quieting the mind and moving absent from the frequent din and chatter – interior and external – and will allow the knowledge of the “not known” (intuitive “right understanding”, “correct knowing” and “correct motion”) to crop up from in just instead of normally forcing our “sensible-comparative” mind to answer questions and uncover options which are typically quick, straightforward and…….improper.

Dealing with folks

The most intangible and elaborate component in any business enterprise equation is the men and women. Age quod agis implies dealing with persons by initial working with by yourself as Socrates indicates, “Know thyself.” Having a organization grasp of one’s main values, internal motivations and goal for getting on the earth, coupled with a psychological maturity are what let just one to display up in integrity, authentically and genuine. Age quod agis when merged with productive management and administration wondering results in a higher-performing workplace the place moral actions, rely on and trustworthiness, respect and this means advise one’s working day-to-day do-ings and be-ings.

Age quod agis signifies performing with knowledge, discernment, integrity, empathy and compassion – characteristics that emanate from a further self – features that are not co-opted by greed or velocity. Age quod agis implies doing the suitable matter, from second to minute, with your total self.

So, some inquiries for self-reflection are:

Do you examine your heart, soul and values at the door when you present up at function?
Do you deal with the “complete person” in your associations with other folks at do the job (and at property, and play)?
Do you at any time acquire time out all through your workday to be quiet (stroll mindfully, reflect, meditate…)?
Are greed and pace the two important driving forces at your workplace?
Do you really feel other folks see you at function as a “whole” human being or just as a “function” (how about at dwelling)?
Do you experience office choices are frequently ethical and honest? What about your place of work decisions and choices?
Do “anti-Dilberts” exist in your office?
Does your organization give attention to social and civic worries?
Do people today commonly do the “ideal matter”, even when no just one is looking at?
Does your corporation acquire your loved ones into account in some way, shape or sort? If not, how does that make you feel?
Does your firm make initiatives to lessen the boring and regimen and insert indicating to work. Do you?
Do “not-very-very good human beings” thrive in your office. How so?
Can you visualize a workplace exactly where the Age quod agis approach to do the job is “company as common”?

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