HIV/AIDS: Problems Confronted by Workplace Workforce and Advised Methods to Effectively Handle Them


In normal, the recognition about HIV and AIDS has enhanced in India in the course of this 10 years. This is clear from the slide in variety of impacted and contaminated people today specified by Stats by several Governmental agencies and N.G.Os. Significant threat people today like truck motorists and sexual intercourse personnel have enhanced a great deal (in AIDS recognition). At minimum, most of them are usually possessing condoms which give defense from unfold of AIDS virus from one contaminated individual to the other. But, the white collared staff members have only 50 % baked know-how and put up with from uncertainties whether they are contaminated or not. Most of the time, the believed of feasible an infection tortures them and some bad fellows dedicated even suicide fearing an infection, and in actuality it was not so.

N.G.Os, social employees, counsellors and area employees have performed a commendable provider in developing the recognition and using care and extending guidance. The creator of this posting is founder of an N.G.O ‘Sagodhar” (Brotherhood). By means of that N.G.O he has answered numerous queries to white collared staff members like Bank, Coverage staff members and college Professors and pupils, who hesitate to consult not known people today. In this article are certain doubts normally elevated by them with answers thereof provided in the variety of easy problem and solutions. Most of the queries are true life thoughts elevated in conferences sponsored by LIONS Golf equipment International.wherein the undersigned author answered the queries in his ability as district chairman and also as the founder of the N.G.O Sagodhar..

Q 1: Is there any variation among HIV and AIDS? If so, can you be sure to reveal the actual variation with their importance?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus which brings about AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). AIDS consists of team of ailment obtained when the physique is not able to defend from doable bacterial infections. For this reason there is a time hole between HIV and it starting to be transformed to AIDS. A HIV impacted person need not fall into the grip of AIDS for 3 yrs, 8 decades or even more time. Sometimes a HIV individual will meet up with natural loss of life way too, without having conference AIDS at all. This relies upon on the professional medical and social procedure he receives whereas for AIDS there is no ideal remedy and dying because of to several infections is selected. For this reason the operate of social staff is confined to prevent HIV from entering into AIDS.

Q2: In that situation, is there fewer risk in HIV than AIDS?

HIV is no considerably less damaging than AIDS. In the case of an person, a HIV infected individual lives for a longer period than the AIDS affected individual. But an unscrupulous fellow will be likely on spreading HIV due to unprotected sexual intercourse. The worst influenced are their young children who stands uncovered to this risk much more than other segments.

Q3: How to discover a human being who is afflicted by HIV?

If the particular person has more than enough psychological power to include the trauma of HIV, possible to be converted as AIDS, certainly there is no way to differentiate a male or a woman who is impacted with HIV. In actuality, on some instances HIV impacted human being will be additional handsome with robust physique than a human being not affected. There are quite a few famous people who are affected with HIV, who make attractive community appearances. Only a blood examination can notify no matter whether a man or woman is impacted with HIV or not.

Q4: Then what is the way to avoid owning speak to with HIV?

Possessing intercourse with only a single spouse with certain non an infection will never ever make you in make contact with with HIV. This applies to the two the associates and conjugal fidelity performs an critical job. In scenario, you have multi companion sex, it is not probable to have blood exam with each individual and all people, each time. utilizing a good quality condom will reduce from distribute of HIV. When getting blood donation, just one need to insist on analyzed blood.

Q5: What about spread of HIV by means of injection needles?

We must use only disposable needles and syringes which occur from a one package deal and sterilised effectively. Next we need to by no means share needles and syringes with other folks, as some drug consumers do.

Q 6: Is kissing a HIV influenced human being pose the hazard of owning make contact with with HIV?

No. But much better to steer clear of deep kissing.

Q7: That displays even saliva can transfer HIV virus?

Any blood related liquid can remodel HIV. Semen, mother ‘milk, saliva are transferring agencies in decreasing purchase. Sharing of blades also can sometimes transfer HIV although extremely hardly ever. Tattooing is one more place where by folks must workout caution. You should note that for obtaining HIV, actual in-choose of contaminated blood or blood linked liquid by some contact or injection is required

Q8: Can you explain to a thing about the origin of HIV?

It is commonly thought that this contamination started off from Chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are quite in close proximity to to human and they can carry the virus which other animals are not able to do. Yet another feeling is that, in the initial levels, it distribute by means of homosex between a number of holidaymakers and males who had been operating jointly in massive groups and many others. The origin of HIV is Sexually Transmitted Conditions (STD) between numerous persons. Somehow it could possibly have combined with blood and a new virus might have occur into existence. That’s why the virus alone is of modern origin.

Q9: Can I do the job with an staff infected with HIV?

Why not? HIV does not spread by relaxed contacts, sharing of bogs and so forth. It is the responsibility of colleagues to guarantee a good cure, re-assuring that he/she will need not worry rejection.

Q10: Really should these types of a person be permitted to proceed in function?

Certainly. Personnel/staff who have not developed any of the signs and symptoms connected with AIDS should really be permitted to function and ought to not be condemned. In case he is impacted with AIDS, he need to be addressed in the similar way as any other person owning other sickness.

Q11: Does a HIV affected personnel compulsorily notify the employer?

No have to have. Anyone contaminated with HIV require not notify the employers. They are not able to be discriminated from other workforce.

Q 12: What are the attainable steps an employer may perhaps choose to stop unfold of AIDS amongst his workers?

The Institutions with very superior H.R established-up have to perform HIV/AIDS consciousness amongst their staff members. They may perhaps invite educators from reputation N.G.Os to give lectures. They have to organize confidential AIDS counselling sessions. No cost condoms are to be offered. They might launch exclusive interior newsletters informing latest developments in HIV/AIDS exploration.

Q 13: Will not surplus schooling and data spoil the head of the personnel?

This factor of AIDS education and learning is identified as Empowerment. Sex is the most essential want of any dwelling getting next only to Food. As a result empowerment via AIDS education and learning is quite much expected. This will reduce the probabilities of risky conduct and in situation of unfortunate infection necessary measures might be taken against its distribute and further development to AIDS.

Q 14: Are women of all ages additional at possibility of becoming contaminated with HIV?

Sure. Gals are additional susceptible to this an infection than males for a variety of good reasons. Main cause for this unlucky reality is that they are at the receiving close of the semen which is a blood related liquid and is a superior provider of HIV. Gents are also susceptible but to far fewer extent which is mainly because of some attainable wounds inside the woman’s sexual intercourse monitor. Social aversion is additional for woman, in addition to considerably less wellbeing care and nourishment.

Q 15: Whether or not any medication is offered for AIDS?

In contrast to the earlier decades, nowadays medications are accessible for AIDS as well. AZT, in mix with other medicine sorts the most important cure. Early detection and productive procedure of opportunistic bacterial infections also aid to retain HIV below handle. The use of Alternate medications like Ayurveda and Homeopathy also will help us to keep it under command. For HIV contaminated folks equally psychological and medicinal cure is necessary.

Q 16: What is your ultimate tips for business goers regarding experiencing the difficulty of HIV/AIDS?

“Avoidance is superior than cure’.

Adhere to one particular devoted partner. Conjugal fidelity is the most needed quality in married existence. In circumstance you come about to have multi-spouse intercourse with an un-recognised partner, use a high-quality condom.

In situation of unfortunate infection, you should not shed coronary heart. Have excellent consultation. Dwell in a nutritious environment with excellent nourishment. Just take therapy for opportunistic bacterial infections and avert HIV from changing into AIDS.

Really don’t appear down contaminated folks in and around you both in workplace or in your household itself. You should give treatment and support for them and assistance them to live lengthy.

Desire the viewers healthy, rich and happy lifestyle.

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