The moment I Was a Rooster, Now I’m a Feather Duster

When I established out on my very first journey pulling a 2.5 tonne caravan behind my shiny new, Toyota Prado 4 Wheel Drive, I understood Jack about caravans. I would just picked it up – all 7 metres of it – at a Geelong sales property.

It was raining closely. Dressed in my standard shorts, polo shirt, excellent good quality thongs, carrying my Canadian Tilley hat, my Tag-Heuer diving observe, and usual constructive outlook, I held an umbrella in excess of the head of an employee who patiently showed me how to hitch the caravan to the Prado. He was now saturated, but I felt as nevertheless I must at the very least be building an energy to maintain him dry.

On the push to a caravan park only 5 or six kilometres away, I struggled via hefty Friday afternoon traffic, travelled around a bridge going through a revamp that seemed way too narrow for my caravan but ultimately acquired to the caravan park in a single piece. I experienced assumed I need to have exhibited a big signal that explained, “Warning. Newbie towing Caravan”.

Destiny and good driving saved me in excellent stead. All I experienced to do now was to survive eight months driving all over the pretty condition of Victoria. With my caravan range plate displaying the byline, “Victoria, the spot to be”, it seemed like I had designed the correct selection. Not as considerably to travel from my house at Alice Springs if the new caravan experienced a warranty problem.

By the conclude of the eight weeks, I experienced determined there are two key styles of persons one particular meets in caravan parks, the particular person:

  1. who are unable to assist himself (usually males) from telling you how considerably improved all the equipment they have on their caravan is than yours
  2. who has retired from the workforce but who can not forged off the notion of how incredibly crucial he had been prior to retirement. He was at the time a Rooster, but now is just a feather duster

Just one of the very first locations I stopped, I ignore in which it was now, we had no faster parked our van and this fellow turned up carrying what we referred to as a “giggle hat” in the military, much more usually recognised as a bucket hat. Perfectly, he experienced to tell me that he had the xyz sort widget for his van and had seen that I had the inferior zyx widget on mine. It was just what I desired to listen to a couple days soon after shelling out $50 odd thousand for a caravan.

Next, it was the abc widget – I should have gotten one particular of these. So it went on till I finally instructed him that I experienced to set up my caravan – which need to have been noticeable to any 10 year previous – and he left us by itself. Experienced he not, I possibly would have dealt with him in an uncharacteristically impolite method.

A couple of times afterwards I achieved the person who had been so vital, if I experienced lived in Perth, I almost certainly would have heard of him. He experienced to inform me how he had been the Main Govt Officer of a single of Australia’s premier IT providers. He also experienced a solitary engine plane he experienced purchased in a package from the United states and assembled all by himself. He also experienced to convey to me about his high priced Breitling pilot’s look at.

He appeared like a nice particular person so I failed to have the coronary heart to inform him I failed to give a brass razoo what he experienced been. I didn’t explain to him about my collection of tertiary qualifications and that I experienced been a big shot in an educational establishment, a senior community servant in not one, but two governments. To me, all that is now meaningless, just a usually means of surviving for 50 odd decades.

I am just a retiree who enjoys not getting nearly anything but a greying nomad who will get up each and every working day and decides what he wishes to do to fill in what several hours he has still left. It truly is a good phase of lifetime and enables a person to vacation extensively. Full freedom. Dwelling the desire!

Now when I fulfill these kinds, I just let them rabbit on until eventually they operate out of some thing to say. If they ask me what I did ahead of I retired, I inform them the fact: I labored at a substantial security facility 25 km west of Alice Springs and my position was so top secret even I didn’t know what I was undertaking. That typically shuts them up.

I am content to be a feather duster.

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