Why As a Single Woman I Am Living in Panama

Why would a single woman over 50 choose to live in Panama? There are so many reasons but the best five are:

1. I can afford to live here comfortably. I live in David Panama on about $900 a month. I eat out a few times a month, enjoy a movie, and go for drives to the beach or Boquete. Yes, I own a car and drive here. I visit friends and attend gringo gatherings. I enjoy the simple pleasures and am living well.

2. I feel comfortable about living here alone. Even though I struggle learning Spanish, I can get my message across and understand what is said. I have lots of friends both Panamanian and expats. Everyone looks out for each other.

3. Healthcare. I have a really great Panama policy here that covers me 100% for any hospital emergency’s or surgeries. I can afford the price and feel good about the doctors and hospitals here.

4. The benefits of being a senior here are fantastic.Women over 55 and men over 60 are entitled to the Jubilado Discount. This means things like restaurants give you a 25% discount, electric bills are discounted by 25%, 20% for medical fees and so much more. There are many ways to get a permanent visa for Panama and it is easy to apply.

5.Panamanians are kind, helpful and always smiling. I feel welcome here. I feel safe. Panama is a great country that is growing economically and becoming more socially responsible. They take pride in their history and their children.

6. The weather here is perfect. Nothing unexpected and I like that. The tropical breezes, colors and bright blue skies are magic. Parrots by day and starry skies by night. No air pollution and no hurricanes.

More and more, I am meeting other single retired women who have chosen to make Panama their home. They come with interests in gardening, playing cards, volunteering and socializing. All are happy they made the decision and wonder why more don’t make a choice to live in Panama.

I wish I could spread the word to retired women who are living in circumstances they can’t afford or want. I wish I could tell them there is another possibility, another way, another choice.

Stepping outside the norm was hard, but boy it was worth it. Would I ever change it or regret it? Not me.

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