The Rise Of Anarchy

The consequences of the actions of many today in the mass hysteria following the tragic death of George Floyd has turned our society inside out. As other nations look in total dismay at the reactions of many Americans lately it is quite apparent to this writer that the United States is in real trouble. The steady rise of anarchy displayed today coincides with the abomination that has and is happening in the education of our youth.

The United States has been steadily and systematically losing it’s grasp of the concepts our founding fathers brought when they forged this nation. A pandemic that should have been prevented but wasn’t. A President and now a Democratic Presidential candidate that should never be but is. And, police that uphold the law but don’t. All have commandeered this nation away from the guiding principles of our founding.

It is as though the leaders we choose have manifested our destiny away from greatness that we once had. In a little more than a half century our fall from grace is now almost complete. We have to always remember that without laws like Lord of The Flies society breaks down. Conversely, when the rule of law is not upheld by either society or those who are sworn to protect and serve the public society also breaks down.

The tragedy today is that whenever law enforcement acts contrary to the rule of law has caused adverse reactions buy society especially if a African American is the victim of a brutal assault by law enforcement. These adverse reactions has manifested to the point where the very weakness in our society parallels Lord of the Flies.

Too often these protests that arise in the aftermath of needless brutality against anyone, black or white, by those who are sworn to protect and serve the public showcases the frustration of society. A society that have been for years become increasingly leery of police officers just because they can enforce judgement on anyone. And, today too many of our law enforcement have become leery of the public considering the reactions of the public when rouge officers act above the rule of law.

So, what we have here today is a quagmire where both citizens and law enforcement need to cooperate in creating harmony so that anarchy justifies tyranny. We have to remind ourselves that we are all brothers of man. And, if we instill this in our children generation after generation the values that were instilled when we are young will carry over into our adult lives whereby the turbulence of today will cease to exist.

Many are taught to hate when we should teach humility, compassion, respect, benevolence and love. It is in education that we learn to respect the rule of law. But too many are taught by their parents and outside influences that shape a persons character attitudes and behavior contrary to bringing harmony into society. A sad commentary is the fact that education is sorely lacking in the character development that enables society to move forward. We are seeing the after effects of a deterioration in education where society is unable to correct the imbalances that prohibit a harmonious union in our society.

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