Floral Design: A Great Way For Seniors To Enjoy Retirement

Ending a career of 40 years or more is not a small event: it is something that should be celebrated by everybody! Most people work so that they can enjoy the last years of their lives relaxing, travelling and spending time with the people that really count for them. They definitely do not see themselves starting a new career at 75 years old! However, as time passes, some retired people may grow weary of staying home and doing few things. For these seniors, the best thing to do is find passions that they can devote themselves to.

Today, we will discuss of flower design as a way to make a retirement a lot more colorful.

Why should I learn floral design?

This discipline is not for anybody. However, if you like spoiling the people around you, you’ll love learning how to create beautiful floral centerpieces, bouquets, specific decorations. If one of your kids have a wedding, you’ll be glad to be able to contribute to the setup of the venue and you will save them quite a bit of money! Your home will also be a lot prettier thanks to your skills and you’ll have a premium hobby to spend your time on.

How to learn

There are different ways to learn floral design. Of course, developing an expertise by working with a florist is always the best thing to do; however, in this specific case, working is not really an option!

If studying again is something that attracts you, it is possible to take some classes with an institute. The Stratford Career Institute, for example, is known for its online courses and it will train you on the history of floral design, on the principles and elements that make you a good designer, on different techniques and much more. Textbooks will be sent to you and you will have online exams to pass. This course should be enough to make you a “professional” floral designer: what a way to start a second life!

Getting a diploma is, of course, very optional. If you want to do floral design for fun, you might as well start by hunting for a few YouTube videos that will give you a step-by-step method to realize specific flower arrangements that you have in mind. You might not have the theory to back your skills, but you’ll learn to create specific arrangements thanks to this method. Your portfolio will then slowly grow!

Extra revenue

Thanks to your new passion, you might even be able to offer your services as a corporate floral designer to nearby companies. Most companies organize at least one major event each year to celebrate their employees, mostly before the Christmas Holidays, which means that you could make an extra income to supplement your pension check. Before soliciting a business, you will need to have a portfolio ready, though: featuring what you have done in the past, even if these are small home projects, is crucial to show what you can do.

One thing is truly important: you need to enjoy your retirement. If floral design helps you to do so, do not refrain from practicing this new hobby.

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