15 Great Things to Do with Your Time in Retirement

I hear so many retirees say they are bored. This sentiment also takes the form of, “I don’t have enough to do to fill my time.” If you are bored or you find yourself with far too much spare time, you are not alone.

There are two main types of responses to boredom or lack of purposeful activity: depression or intentional effort to try new things. I always encourage people to try to come up with a combination of activities that are fun, good for you and good for others. As you know, I have a strong commitment to becoming involved in helping others. One of the reasons is that when we help others we are doing something that is good for them and good for us. Lasting Power Of Attorney | Direct Wills Trusts

I suggest you try some things that are growth experiences for you, some things that are just plain fun, and some things that help others. You will want to give some thought to the ways you fill your time. It is important to choose things that are right for you.

To help you think about rewarding and enjoyable activities, here is a list of fifteen great things you might do with your time in retirement.

1. Volunteer to read to children at the local library.

2. Volunteer to read to someone at a local assisted living facility.

3. Sign up for a class that interests you.

4. Take a friend, go to the zoo, and spend an afternoon entertaining the animals.

5. Spend time with others who share your interest in a craft, game, sport or hobby.

6. Volunteer to help a non-profit organization.

7. Play with a child.

8. Join a fitness group.

9. Spend one afternoon each week at a museum or art gallery.

10. Tutor students.

11. Devote time regularly to appreciating and enjoying nature.

12. Help with deliveries for Meals on Wheels.

13. Get involved with a program or group connected with your religious organization.

14. Start your own small business.

15. Share your knowledge and talents by taking a part-time job

Hopefully, these ideas will start your thinking. You can probably think of hundreds of things you might enjoy. So why not do them? Call a friend – many things are more fun when shared with a friend – and set a time to do something new and different. The new activity will fill your time. More importantly, you might find that you like doing things that help others.

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