Retirement is not the end of the road. It is the beginning of the open highway

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Prepare for Retirement

Retirement Is just not Biblical

[ad_1] The only biblical reference is in the Outdated Testomony, Figures 8:23-26, referring to Levites who labored in the Tent of Assembly. This retirement provision ended when Solomon’s temple (1 Kings 8) replaced the non permanent Tent of Meeting. So, really should a Christian retire? Even though there are no biblical bases for retirement right now, the Bible reveals matured people who moved from their key positions and professions to other responsibilities God prepared for them. The Bible displays also,

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Retirement Scheduling: Step for a Safe Long term

[ad_1] Retirement is a large determination. All people problems about what would come about soon after retirement. It is really a query that haunts just about every one particular of us ever since the 1st day of our work but if you have audio retirement organizing, you wouldn’t have to stress. Quite a few of us believe that calculating an sum for retirement, could possibly give us a rough strategy as to how substantially would we need to have to

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